The need of the hour is to do away with middlemen
and get the benefit directly to our customers.


Why wholesellers’ club?

At Jiwa, we understand that from the smallest retail shop in the deepest corner of India to the biggest caterer, everyone has the capacity to stock & sell our healthy food products.

Our Direct Supply Chain


Other benefits

  • GST billing
  • Free shipping
  • Quantity based deep discounts
  • Amount based deep discounts

The idea is
to make the process
simple and smooth.

Big or small Retail shops, Exporters, Catering companies, Horeca supply chain, and any business with a demand for wholesome food products will benefit from this club.

The idea is to make the process simple and smooth.

All Jiwa products can be ordered directly from the website, no enrolment or membership required.

The direct interaction with us enhances your experience as a buyer & ensures transparency.

The retailer receives the freshest product from the latest production batch.

Furthermore, benefits such as GST billing, free shipping, Quantity & Amount based deep discounts increase profitability and benefit businesses of any size and structure.

Product NameNamePack sizeCase sizePriceMOQPurchase
Jiwa Couscous
Jiwa Couscous750g152,571.001
Jiwa Diabetic Care Atta
Jiwa Diabetic Care Atta900g302,857.001
Jiwa Gluten Free Atta
Jiwa Gluten Free Atta900g302,857.001
Jiwa Gluten Free Maida
Jiwa Gluten Free Maida900g302,857.001
Jiwa Gluten Free Upma Mix
Jiwa Gluten Free Upma Mix1.4kg153,482.001
Jiwa Instant Oatmeal, Fruit & Nut
Jiwa Instant Oatmeal, Fruit & Nut900g154,000.001
Jiwa Instant Oatmeal, Vanilla Latte
Jiwa Instant Oatmeal, Vanilla Latte800g153,371.001
Jiwa Instant Oats
Jiwa Instant Oats750g302,514.001
Jiwa Missi Atta
Jiwa Missi Atta900g302,857.001
Jiwa Multigrain Atta
Jiwa Multigrain Atta900g302,263.001
Jiwa Naan Atta
Jiwa Naan Atta600g151,474.001
Jiwa Oats Dalia
Jiwa Oats Dalia1.4kg153,714.001
Jiwa Oats Flour
Jiwa Oats Flour900g305,143.001
Jiwa Organic Chia seeds
Jiwa Organic Chia seeds200g404,114.001
Jiwa Organic Quinoa
Jiwa Organic Quinoa1.4kg154,200.001
Jiwa Organic Quinoa Flour
Jiwa Organic Quinoa Flour900g306,840.001
Jiwa Organic Tricolor Quinoa
Jiwa Organic Tricolor Quinoa1.4kg154,740.001
Jiwa Quinoa Chivda
Jiwa Quinoa Chivda80g151,786.001
Jiwa Rolled Oats
Jiwa Rolled Oats750g304,000.001
Jiwa Slimming Atta
Jiwa Slimming Atta900g302,857.001
Jiwa Steel Cut Oats
Jiwa Steel Cut Oats1.4kg153,714.001
Jiwa Thepla Atta
Jiwa Thepla Atta900g302,857.001