chef's solution

JIWA Chef's Solution

  1. Naan Ka Atta
    Ever wondered why no one makes a healthy atta for naan? We did. Introducing Jiwa Naan Atta! A carefully chosen recipe from the kitchens of Jiwa for fluffy, great tasting homemade naans. Enjoy crispy hot naans, no tandoor, no oven required. Think of it as our way of adding taste with health to your daily diet. Learn More
  2. Couscous
    At the kitchens of Jiwa, lies the promise of discovery. Seeking inspiration from north african & middle eastern cuisine, for the 1st time ever in India, Introducing Jiwa Couscous! Made from the finest durum wheat, our couscous is ready in 5 minutes. This healthy ingredient is the perfect alternative to rice or noodles & makes an excellent salad base! Learn More