1. Quinoa Chivda
    Looking for a healthy namkeen. Seek no more. At the kitchens of Jiwa we decided to do the impossible, combine traditional flavor with modern food. Introducing 'Jiwa quinoa chivda'. Coated with hand pound Indian spices and crunchy dry fruits, each bite of this air-puffed quinoa is tasty and healthy. And oh, did we mention this anytime, anywhere snack is totally non-fried. Learn More
  2. Gluten Free Maida
    At the kitchens of Jiwa, we love to innovate healthy products. Introducing 'Jiwa gluten free maida', the newest member of our gluten free range. This 100 percent wheat free and natural product is an all-purpose flour best for making bakery items like breads, biscuits, cakes and other Indian preparations like pooris, samosas and kachoris. We promise excellent taste and quality, suitable for all. Learn More
  3. Instant Oatmeal (Fruit & Nut)
    Kickstart your mornings the classic way with a wholesome bowl of Jiwa ‘Nuts & Raisins’ Oatmeal. Made with 100% Australian oats, almonds, pistachios and succulent black currents, this porridge is ready in just 3 minutes! Experience the flavours of nuts and chia seeds coming together along with the perfect hint of cinnamon spice to make the most delicious breakfast cereal. Learn More
  4. Organic Chia Seeds
    The most popular superfood in the health community, introducing ‘Jiwa Organic Chia Seeds’. Native to Mexico and Guatemala, now grown here in India, this superfood is rich in fibber, omega-3 and protein. Chia seeds can be used in multiple preparations, add them as a crunch to your salad or soak them for dessert and milkshakes, they taste yummy in all forms. Learn More
  5. Gluten Free Upma Mix
    At the kitchens of Jiwa, we strive to innovate healthy products for you. Introducing “Jiwa Gluten Free Upma Mix”, the newest member of our Gluten Free range. Our upma recipe is a blend of little millet semolina and carefully chosen Indian spices to give you the perfect flavor and texture. It makes for a delicious traditional breakfast and is ready in just 2 minutes! Learn More
  6. Organic Tricolor Quinoa
    Looking for a fun and healthy salad ingredient? Try Jiwa Organic Quinoa! As they arrive at Jiwa, this superfood is passed through a rigorous cleaning, rinsing and spin-drying process. Rich in proteins our Quinoa leaves you feeling healthy and light with every bite. Learn More
  7. Couscous
    At the kitchens of Jiwa, lies the promise of discovery. Seeking inspiration from north african & middle eastern cuisine, for the 1st time ever in India, Introducing Jiwa Couscous! Made from the finest durum wheat, our couscous is ready in 5 minutes. This healthy ingredient is the perfect alternative to rice or noodles & makes an excellent salad base! Learn More
  8. Organic Quinoa Flour
    Bursting with natural goodness, Jiwa ‘Organic Quinoa Flour’ is a stone-ground variety. A kitchen staple, it mixes easily with chapatti atta & other flour recipes, is used in home baking and makes a really crunchy crumble topping. Learn More
  9. Rolled Oats
    As they arrive at Jiwa, our Oats are cleaned and processed inhouse to make the finest wholegrain variety. Jiwa 'Rolled Oats' are rich in fibre and ideal for making a good, thick porridge with a more pronounced texture. They have a slightly nutty flavour and make superb biscuits and an excellent base for muesli. Learn More
  10. Gluten Free Atta
    The body needs 'balanced nutrition' to stay fit & healthy. Jiwa's Gluten free recipe is a better, everyday replacement to regular atta. Our trained nutritionists & chefs have carefully chosen foods to include a complete set of nutrients. Learn More