Thepla Atta


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  • Ekdum Ghar Jaisi Roti
  • Authentic Taste
  • Chakki Ground
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Methi theplas are an all-time favorite at home. From the kitchens of Gujrat, Jiwa’s Thepla recipe is a ‘just right’ mix of wheat, besan, kasuri methi & traditional spices. In this pack is your answer to soft, tea-time theplas straight from an authentic Gujrati household! Surely you can’t stop at one..or three!

Storage & Shelf Life

Best before 6 months from date of manufacturing, Fresher the better! Conventionally stored in tin boxes away from moisture and heat.

Cooking Method

  • Knead 1 cup Jiwa Thepla Atta with some water, 1 tbsp. oil, and a pinch of salt.
  • Make a soft pliable dough adding more water if necessary.
  • Cover, and keep aside for 5 mins.
  • Make 6-7 balls of equal size. Roll each one out into a thin medium size circle.
  • Roast on a hot tawa till brown spots appear on both sides. Brush on some oil, and roast both sides pressing down lightly, for delectable theplas.

Serving Suggestion

Theplas go best with pickle. Try them with a hot cup of tea as an evening snack too.

Nutrition Facts

per 100gm (approx values)

Energy 326 Kcal
Carbohydrate 61.5 g
Protein 13.2 g
Fat 3 g
Fibre 2.1 g

Fun Fact

Kasuri methi has a chemical called soloton, and guess what it tastes like, Maple Syrup!


Sharbati Whole Wheat

Kasuri Methi




Toasted Wheat Germ


Sea Salt


Appearance: Deep mustard yellow with abundant bits of green

Aroma:For most, theplas are the smell of travel and family. Just the same, potent smelling methi is the unmissable aroma from Jiwa’s Thepla Atta. It is sweet and tart at the same time, and has a lingering fragrance of kasuri methi that stays glued to the senses.

Taste notes: The softness of the theplas is pronounced, as is the pungency of methi on the lower palate. Wait for a bite or two and the spice kicks in with fervor. The sweet touches in the front palate come from the perfect blend of spices with stone ground wheat.

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Qty Available

4.5kg, 900g, 9kg

Product Quantity

4.5kg, 900g, 9kg

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