1. Instant oats
    The most popular form of Oats, Jiwa's 'Instant Oats' are partially cooked during our milling process. Also known as quick oats, they are ideal for making a smooth and creamy porridge, muesli and flapjack biscuits. Learn More
  2. Oats Flour
    Bursting with natural goodness, Jiwa 'Oats Flour' is a stone-ground variety. A kitchen staple, it mixes easily with chapatti atta & other flour recipes, is used in home baking and makes a really crunchy crumble topping. Learn More
  3. steel cut oats
    Kickstart your mornings with a thicker porridge with a traditional texture and taste with Jiwa 'Steel Cut Oats'. Bursting with natural, wholegrain goodness, they make the perfect choice for a healthy lifestyle! Learn More
  4. Rolled oats
    As they arrive at Jiwa, our Oats are cleaned and processed inhouse to make the finest wholegrain variety. Jiwa 'Rolled Oats' are rich in fibre and ideal for making a good, thick porridge with a more pronounced texture. They have a slightly nutty flavour and make superb biscuits and an excellent base for muesli. Learn More
  5. Instant Oatmeal (Vanilla Latte)
    Kickstart your mornings Jiwa Style, with a wholesome bowl of Jiwa ‘Vanilla Latte’ Oatmeal. Made with 100% Australian oats, this breakfast porridge is easy to cook and ready in just 3 minutes. Experience the flavours of nuts and seeds coming together to make the most delicious breakfast cereal. We promise you won’t miss you’re morning coffee! Learn More
  6. Oats Dalia
    Ever wondered if there was a healthy replacement to wheat dalia. Introducing jiwa oats dalia. Made from broken oats, our dalia is rich in protein and fiber and is completely gluten free. The perfect comfort meal to a tiring day, oats dalia makes a masala porridge which is thick and creamy in every bite. Learn More